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  1. lychingling

    hi, I\’ve been looking to buy takoyaki pan, do u know where can i get them? And u mentioned bonito flakes and teriyaki sauce from Daiso, but where is Daiso store in particular? thanks :D

  2. Chrissy-

    Hi, you can try qoo10 (online) for Takoyaki pans. My sister-in-law got ours for about $29.90.. or you may be able to get it at Isetan, more expensive though.

    I didn’t get teriyaki sauce at Daiso.. I got bonito flakes and seaweed flakes :) They should be available at all Daiso stores. My Takoyaki sauce was from NTUC Fairprice Finest.

    Thanks for visiting budgetpantry! :)

    • lychingling

      ohhh, thank you for the reply. Appreciated !


  3. Caroline Choong

    What can i replace for coffeemate powder for the Lao Ban beancurd recipe?

  4. Chrissy-

    Hi Caroline, I’m so sorry I missed your comment! Cofeemate works the best, but you might want to try using a milk or malt powder? Do let me know if it works out!

  5. annieksr

    Hi, I have seen your recipe. Is it possible to let me know where to get zucchini in sg? Like normal market or NTUC have? I always that zucchini was japanese cucumber. silly me.. hahha.. Thanks! I hope to hear from you :)


      Hi Annie, I got mine at the wet market :) you can try Cold Storage. I think I’ve seen them around!

  6. Justinyap

    I happen to saw your blog when I’m searching for waffle machine.
    I’m curious on where your husband bought the waring waffle maker machine in Singapore?
    Do you mind sharing the information?
    Would be grateful for it.
    Thanks, look forward for your reply,


  7. Hi Justin! My waffle maker is from Sia Huat at temple street. Or you can check out Tott Store, Sia Huat’s sister company under a different branding. They have both single and double sided ones too!

  8. Joanna

    Hello, i really like your recipes but its really hard for me to find the ingrediants to purchase the products. are u planning anything to make it easier to look at your recipe and purchase the ingrediants i need? thank you!!


      Hello Joanna,

      Sorry I don’t quite get what you mean.. find the ingredients to purchase the products? The ingredients I use are widely available. Are you located in SG? What are you having trouble finding? Let me know.

  9. Hazel

    hi, where to get Chu Hou paste?

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