Basic Bread Loaf with Panasonic SD-P104 Breadmaker

July 16- Breadmaker

Amateur post! I was given the chance to review Panasonic’s latest SD-P104 Breadmaker yesterday, and being extremely excited to try out a breadmaker for the first time, I set off to bake basic white bread almost immediately.

I followed the instructions almost to a T (I suck at reading instruction manuals)– and some combination of ingredients, a push of a few buttons plus four hours later, I have a crusty soft loaf of bread just in time for the world cup finals.

July 16- Breadmaker11

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Giveaway + Recipe! Teriyaki Chicken Skewers with Lee Kum Kee Teriyaki Marinade

[Giveaway below!]


Quick dinner! These chicken skewers were done in all of 20 minutes including preparation.

The husband works on shift, so he comes home at weird timings all through the day (and night). I kinda prefer it if he comes home around 8+ so that I have time to cook, but I kinda not prefer it because it means less time spent together, so I’d say I kinda prefer it only when I’m in the mood to cook.

Today’s one of those days. I haven’t cooked anything different for a while now. My original plan was to use up my last few strips of chicken fillet in a claypot ee mee, but I opened my refrigerator and saw the NEW Teriyaki Marinade Lee Kum Kee sent over a few days ago. I want to make something with this sauce!

Using it as a glaze over roasted chicken fillet sounds a bit boring. so I decided to make chicken skewers, Japanese style. Kaypoh Aegon popped into the kitchen while I was laying the skewers on the Airfryer grill pan:

Aegon: “Whacha doin’ Yayaya?”
Me: “Fixing dinner! What do you think I’m making?”
Aegon: “Hmm.. SATAYS!”

Then he skipped off to the living room and continued watching his TV while calling out for “Yayaya!” every three seconds. I love that kid.

Because I only had chicken fillets, I minced them by slicing and chopping repeatedly with the knife. You don’t even need a food processor. Of course, you don’t have to do this if you already have minced meat to begin with. And now I’m gonna tell you how to make this!

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers with Lee Kum Kee Teriyaki Marinade
Serves 2 as part of a meal: Makes about 6 skewers
Total cost per serving: $0.90

What I used:
240g minced chicken
1 tablespoon Lee Kum Kee Teriyaki Marinade
1 tablespoon light soy sauce
1 teaspoon garlic
3 pieces plain cream crackers, any brand, crushed
1 small egg
Chopped spring onions
You’ll also need food-grade skewers or better quality disposable chopsticks x 6
For garnish: dried seaweed flakes, tomato ketchup, bonito flakes

For the glaze (combine together):
2 tablespoons Lee Kum Kee Teriyaki Marinade
2 tablespoons Mirin

1. Soak your skewers in tap water.
2. Combine all ingredients except glaze and mix well.
3. Portion out the minced meat mixture and wrap around each skewer.
4. Brush on glaze, airfry at 180C for 3 minutes, turn over, brush on glaze generously, then continue to airfry for another 4 minutes til cooked. Brush with more glaze in between cooking if necessary. Alternatively, you can cook these in a frying pan or oven.
5. Garnish with a squeeze of tomato ketchup, a sprinkle of dried seaweed, chopped spring onions and bonito flakes.

How much I spent:
$1.80 for chicken fillets (I get about 20 fillets for $5.90)
Everything else from my pantry

And now for the 3-DAYS-ONLY-GIVEAWAY! Lee Kum Kee has prepared 3 mini hampers for budgetpantry’s readers which includes their brand new Teriyaki Marinade, LKK’s XO Sauce, and tomato ketchup in a cutesy, squeezable bottle.

Lee Kum Kee Teriyaki Marinade

All you need to do is:

1. “LIKE” my Facebook page at:
2. “SHARE” the Facebook GIVEAWAY post and be sure your SHARE settings are set to “PUBLIC”
3. “COMMENT” in the Facebook post with your answer to this question: “What is Lee Kum Kee’s latest addition to its range of premium sauces?”

General terms and conditions:

Open to readers with a SG address. For other t&cs please refer to what’s stated on the picture above.


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Singapore Blog Awards 2014: Vote Budgetpantry for “Best Cooking Blog”


Budgetpantry is one of the Top Ten Finalists in SG Blog Awards 2014 for “Best Cooking Blog” under “Advertiser’s Choice”!

Step 1: Click on
Step 2: Click “Next” and Filter by “Best Cooking Blogs”
Step 3: Look for “budgetpantry” and/or my face to vote! You can vote once a day.

Here’s the face you should be looking for (this sounds weird but ok):


Please vote for me once a day! Because erm although the prizes are not fantastic, I could do with a new microwave! The breadmaker also looks not bad. Hahaha! Thank you!

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Easy Garlic, Onion & Rosemary Focaccia Bread

July 5- Garlic Onion Rosemary Foccacia main1

Before the KitchenAid, I’ve tried making bread from scratch once but failed miserably. The recipe seemed simple enough, but it was my amateur kneading “skills” (I have none) that destroyed the bread. I attempted sugar butter buns I think, but because I didn’t know how to knead the dough, the texture turned out heavy and dense and the “buns” were inedible.

I’ve made pretzels a few times with success though, but they’re not as complicated as bread. After that first failure, I stuck to cakes and muffins and cookies– I could make those– and never ventured into bread again.

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Product Review: KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer KSM150

tile all
(*in hyperventilating mode looking at these!)

Every time someone asks me to recommend a higher-end stand mixer for cakes and breads, and for whipping egg whites quickly, I reply apologetically that I am not qualified to give a recommendation.

You see, this is what I have been using for the past 4 years:


I am an amateur baker but I love to bake. The first thing I ever baked was rock buns in home economics class. And in the next few months, I “progressed” proudly to making chocolate chip cookies. “50g sugar = 1 level tablespoon. 50g flour = 1 heaped tablespoon.” I chanted in my head those times in the school kitchen. I was a fine student in baking and cooking, but when it came to sewing, I caught Miss Lim rolling her eyes at me (or us, the adolescent girls) quite a few times. I could’t blame her though. I had a penchant for sewing skirts upside down, but this is a story I will reserve for another day.

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Airfried Batang Fish (Kite Fish) in Black Pepper Sauce

Jun 21- Black Pepper Batang

There’s always alot of fish in my freezer. I get my fish supply from Song Fish because Jason and I are fans of their salmon, saba and batang fish. Their salmon fillets are $20 for 6 portions, saba $13 for 5-6 I think, and batang fish $10 for about 6. Fits right in my budget! If you’ve been following my blog, you might have seen my salmon and saba dishes, all airfried, and when I cook batang, it is usually airfried, too. I can’t imagine cooking fish any other way.

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[GIVEAWAY!] Airfryer + Junko Decorated Roll Cakes Recipe Books!



I woke up today realising I’m nearing 2000 “LIKES” on my Facebook page. It’s not a mega-huge number but I am thankful that even ONE person is reading what I’m writing.

I often get personal messages from lovely readers telling me they appreciate my recipes, and I also get emails and comments from readers who tell me where to improve, or when they notice something’s wonky about the site or my email settings. I cannot say “Thank YOU” enough!

From today til 7 July, 2359h, I am giving away 3 different recipe books to 3 readers. These are some of the most popular books in the cooking/ airfrying/ baking communities right now. I personally LOVE Junko’s decorated swiss rolls. Her creations inspire me to erm, help to inspire other people who need inspiration in baking cute swiss rolls. I’ll admit it- these are still too much effort for me and furthermore I suck at details most times. But this book is a joy to read. This is the only book out of the three which is in English.

Book 1 and 2 are recipe books for Airfryer cooking. These are in Chinese and I understand they can be a pain to read for most local Chinese, but they come with step-by-step pictures. I would say these books are great for someone who’s just starting to use an Airfryer. If you’re looking for an English version of these books, I am sorry, there are none as of now but you can select my “Airfryer” category from my drop down menu to the right of this page. Hahaa!

Follow these easy steps to enter:

1. Go to my Facebook page and “LIKE” it if you haven’t already!
2. Click “LIKE” and “SHARE” (set to public view) on the [Giveaway] post dated 29 June 2014. Remember to SHARE instead of only “LIKE” to qualify!
3. Leave me a comment on that post to tell me which book (1, 2 or 3) you want if you win!
4. (optional) Tag your friends so they can have a go at it. (be sure they have a local address and that they’ve “liked” my Facebook page!

Oh, an important tip on “SHARE” procedures. Please be sure to follow the steps below to share it as “Public” view:

This could be a default setting for some:


You need to set it to “Public” like so:


General t&cs:

- Singapore addresses only
- giveaway ends 7 July, 2359h
- 3 winners will be picked randomly and books will be mailed to the winners
- results will be announced on FB so be sure you’ve “LIKED” my page

The link to the Facebook post is here. Good luck and I love you all!

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Cheese Fries Chicken

June26- Cheese Fries Chicken

I wasn’t thinking of posting this “recipe”– that explains the makeshift photos– but I’m quite intrigued by it.

This was tonight’s dinner. I was in a lazy mood with no plans to cook anything but the husband needed to eat. He “ordered” a #friedchickenparty from his personal chef (me) and I, being the very challenging wife wife who’s always up for a challenge, gladly took it up.

I had some marinated mid-joint wings that I was going to cook for tomorrow’s dinner, maybe simply airfried without batter or coating, but I decided that this chicken was going to come to good use tonight. I coated the wings with some self-raising flour, potato starch, five-spice powder and salt, and airfried it til super crispy. And to make it a fried chicken platter, I airfried some frozen tom yum pop corn chicken I had in the fridge.

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