Airfried Cod Fish with Crispy Skin, HK Style

Jan 24 - Airfried Cod Fish with Crispy Skin

My mum and I live apart and we’re not that close, but we like to talk recipes together. My mum is a great cook. If Ah-mm’s cooking is comfort food, mum’s dishes are restaurant quality.

When we visit every Chinese New Year, my mum will be in the kitchen cooking away. I love many of her creations.. mixed vegetables with shitake mushrooms, roasted leg of lamb, stewed oxtail, roast beef.. and of course, that HK style fish.
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Stir fried Garlic Nai Bai with Dried Shrimps

Jan 22- Garlic nai bai dried shrimps3

One of my favourite dishes at Chinese restaurants is ‘Dried shrimp with long beans’. The long beans are deep fried before being tossed further in oil with the dried shrimps. Together with the ‘wok-hei’ (smokey, charred flavour due to ridiculously high heat), the dish is simply addictive and calorific!

I don’t usually like to stir fry vegetables because many leafy types don’t turn out very well at home as I don’t use a lot of oil. Home cooks also can’t achieve the wok-hei, ever! What to do when I feel like having leafy vegetables but am sick of having them in soup? Choose the gloriously crunchy types that stay crunchy! And tonight I chose nai bai, a variation of bok choy. I never seem to know what these are called in English.
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Bacon & Eggs Muffin Cups (Airfry option)

Jan 18- Bacon Egg Muffin Cups Oven1

Instead of going out and spending money on cafes, I decided to stay home and make some cafe food today!

The fact is also that my fridge finally went ‘kapowwww’ yesterday and we have to quickly clear everything before they go bad. Luckily it decided to die on Saturday and not Sunday when I’d have been done with my marketing for the week!
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A tribute to my favourite Passionfruit Meringue Tart @ Carpenter and Cook


I don’t usually spend a lot of money on cafes, but when I do, I want it to be well-spent, food wise.

It bothers me when pretty new cafes in Singapore are popping up at a rate this alarming, and the only thing the owners care about is how pretty the cafes look. Ok, the decor might not be the “only things’ the owners care about, but the food sure isn’t the focus in many cases.. maybe a 70:30 ratio for decor vs food. And it is a pity.
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