Easy Pineapple Fried Rice

Aug 16- Pineapple Fried Rice Dancing Chef

My sister-in-law gave me a Meyer Fujimaru Evolution Chinese wok out of the blue just because she’s awesome like that, and in my favourite shade of green too! What’s the first dish that I should cook in it? Fried rice, I think!

Aug 16- Pineapple Fried Rice

I don’t usually eat rice but these days, I’m on a to-heck-with-the-diet mentality so until I decide to lose weight again (I’m starting Monday), I’m gonna cook alllll the carbo dishes I can think of. My ban-mian recipe is in desperate need of a photo-haul. I have a good mind to cook it again next week, erm, before Monday.

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Egg Story Pasteurised Fresh Shell Eggs: Why Pasteurise?

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egg story combined

I remember watching an episode of MasterChef where Gordon Ramsay tasted one dessert dish and went, “Are there raw eggs in here?” And faster than Ris Low could say “BOOMZ”, the contestant was out of the show.

Did you know that when eating runny or undercooked eggs (ESPECIALLY for people with lower immunity like our children, elderly, pregnant ladies), there is always a risk of Salmonella Enteritidis and bird flu virus infection? Salmonella is a common bacteria found in eggs which can cause severe food poisoning. According to MedicineNet.com, the bacteria can be inside perfectly normal-looking eggs and can cause fever, cramps and diarrhea if the eggs are not fully cooked. In some cases, the diarrhea can be so severe that you may need to be hospitalised.

No wonder Gordon Ramsay didn’t want anything to do with those raw eggs. Being quite health conscious, I have heard of pasteurised eggs which kill Salmonella but didn’t know that they are available in Singapore.

So when we were invited by the team at N&N Agriculture—the folks behind Egg Story, Singapore’s 1st and Only Pasteurised Fresh Eggs—for a farm visit to know more about the pasteurisation process, we jumped at the chance!

Why Pasteurisation?

Pasteurisation kills Salmonella bacteria and bird flu virus which may be present inside and outside the eggs. In the USA, pasteurised eggs are widely accepted and in fact, a 2013 U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code mandates the use of pasteurised eggs when preparing food for individuals with lower immunity (including young children and seniors) in a child/ adult care or hospital setting,

Additionally, according to the U.S Department of Agriculture, in-shell pasteurised eggs may be used safely without cooking. This means that they may be safely consumed raw when served in the forms of eggnog, hollandaise sauce or tiramisu; or when served undercooked, for example, when soft-boiled or poached.


3-Step Pasteurisation Process

Step 1: Produce good eggs! Egg Story’s chicken are fed a nutritious diet to ensure the eggs are lower in cholesterol, contain Omega 3 & 6 and Vitamin E.
Step 2: Pasteurise! Eggs are submerged in an all-natural water bath which is heated to the exact temperature needed to kill Salmonella and bird flu virus if present. No chemicals are used, no eggs are cooked, and no nutritional benefits are lost in the process.
Step 3: Seal and protect! The eggs are then sealed with a protective food-grade coating to prevent airborne bacteria from re-entering. Every egg is marked with a “P” for assured Pasteurisation quality.

3 step

Safest Choice™ technology

N&N Agriculture owns the exclusive rights to utilise the above multi-patented Safest Choice™ technology developed by National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc. (NPE), USA—the WORLD’S largest producer of pasteurised shell eggs.

In Singapore, the farm’s state-of-the-art’s pasteurisation facility, process and products are inspected and licensed by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). Apart from the AVA, N&N Agriculture and its pasteurised shell eggs have also received the support and endorsement from the Health Promotion Board and the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore.

The egg whites of Egg Story’s Pasteurised Fresh Eggs look slightly cloudy due to the change in protein structure during the pasteurisation process. The nutritional value and flavour of the eggs are retained throughout. Please tell Mum they’re not spoilt!


Show you our farm visit! Before entering, everyone had to put on gowns, face masks, hair nets and boots for hygiene reasons:


(Oh, that’s just the vain husband who was worried that the hair net will destroy his perfectly-styled hair!)

After the eggs are pasterised in the water bath, they are checked for cracks and any “bad eggs” are removed:

Picking eggs1

The eggs are then sealed with food-grade protective coating, dried, and then packed:





Hi from the farm!


To ensure maximum freshness, the pasteurised eggs (they come in 50g, 55g and 60g) are stored in the chiller and delivered in chiller trucks to a supermarket near you:




Note: Please look for these eggs at the Chiller section instead of regular eggs sections of these supermarkets.




Make the better choice for your family! At $3.10 for a tray of 10 pasteurised eggs (50g), the price is comparable to or even lower than regular Omega 3 and 6 enriched eggs. The eggs also have a prolonged shelf life of 60 days from the date of production, when chilled. I’m a convert! Thank you to N&N Agriculture for inviting us to your farm.. we learnt so much during the visit. Oh, and the soft-boiled eggs were delicious!

And now for the SWEEPSTAKES!

egg story contest

From now til 31 August 2014, watch the video below and click here to answer a simple question on their Facebook page. Five winners stand a chance to win S$300 supermarket vouchers each! Good luck!

Egg Story’s official website is at http://www.eggstory.com.sg. For FAQs, visit this link. For store locations, click here.

I’m gonna link you to my Traditional Italian Tiramisu recipe made with Egg Story‘s Pasterurised Fresh Eggs. The only way I will make them! So if Gordon Ramsay asks me, “Are there raw eggs in here?” I can answer, “Yeah, but they’re pasteurised!!” Then he will crown me MasterChef lolololol!!

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Traditional Italian Tiramisu


I’m sorry that this post has taken *this* long! I know you guys have been waiting for this recipe. I had a great time making this tiramisu for the first time. The final dessert is so pretty, the vintage plates are pretty, and the photos are pretty! I’m happy!


The ingredients are pretty basic. I promise, anyone can do this. Did I mention that this is my first tiramisu? I have always been squeamish about making tiramisu because of the use of raw eggs. I know there are versions out there which use whipping cream instead of egg white meringues, and recipes which call for the egg yolks to be warmed in a mixing bowl over boiling water. I don’t exactly care for those because cream is wayy more fattening than egg whites and heating egg yolks over boiling water is too much effort. Using egg whites also results in a lighter and more airy texture.

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Honey Stars Banana Cheesecake with a Caramel Drizzle

Aug 9- Honey Stars Banana Cheesecake

What would YOU do with Honey Stars?

Aug 9- Honey Stars Banana Cheesecake6

The Honey Stars addict at work gave me a Honey Stars challenge last Friday and I of course had to take it up. The agreement was that I had to bake or create something with Honey Stars and present my creation Monday morning, and no matter how it looked or tasted, he had to eat everyyyything up (ok I made that last part up. And if it were true, I would have made Stir Fried Honey Stars with Szechuan Peppers or something along that line).

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Braised Chicken Wings with Tomatoes, Olives and Peppers

Aug 3- Braised Chicken Wings with Tomatoes Olives and Peppers

I’ve been doing so much baking ever since coming back from Taiwan that marinating the chicken wings last night at 11pm felt quite alien to me. How like that? No choice lor, have to keep cooking! Must get the feel back! (Sorry, the Singlish monster has taken over my fingers as I type this.)

I feel quite bad towards the husband as I have been endlessly catching up on work, blogging and assignments since we’ve been back. I haven’t cooked him a proper meal in weeks and there were times (like last week) that I was so caught up in front of the computer that he had to go buy us dinner from the kopitiam opposite our block both days over the weekend.

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Bread Maker Cheese and White Chocolate Cake

July 27- Cheese and White Chocolate Cake0

Another bread maker recipe? Ok being the noob that I am, I never thought that I could bake a cake in the bread maker. So when I read that it was possible to in the Panasonic SD-P104, I did the ONE thing that I do best and nobody can fight- ACT ON IMPULSE: Bake a cake!

My mum makes the best butter cake. When we were kids, she used to bake the amazing butter cake once a month. And every month, my brother and I would fight over the cake tin AFTER the cake was unmolded. And what were we after? The thin layer of cake stuck to the cake tin. We would run our tiny fingers along the sides of the tin to unravel the baked bits.. and after a substantial amount was “collected” on our messy fingers, we would pop them into our little mouths for one of the best childhood kitchen memory ever.. one which we still remember 30 years on. Show you what awesomeness looks like:

buiter cake

butter cake2

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Pineapple Polo Bread Loaf

July 26- Polo Bread15

And I’m back to business! I was going to blog about my Taiwan trip first but got reminded by someone that “你正经的事不做,blog 什么 travel?” Oh! So now blogging about recipes and food is “正经的事”. Ok!

The first thing I wanted to do when I got back from Taiwan was explore the Panasonic bread maker. It can make basic bread, bread rolls (that are to be finished in the oven), cake, dumpling skin and even chocolate! Apart from this polo bread loaf, I also made a Cheese and White Chocolate Cake in the afternoon. I declare today “Bread Maker Day”!

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Taiwan Trip: Pineapple Cake & Sun Biscuits–> Chia Te or Li Yi?


When it comes to Pineapple Cake and Sun Biscuits, Chia Te and Li Yi are two of the most famous names in the business. During our previous trips to Taiwan, we always bought Chia Te because they *are* delicious, and there’s lots of variety in their store at Nanjing East Road. This time round, we decided to try Li Yi, another brand name which originated from Jiufen, with an outlet at Taipei Main Station.

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