Salted Egg Sotong (Squid)

Mar 22 - Salted Egg Sotong 2

Mar 22 - Salted Egg Sotong 2

I promised myself that I will improve on the salted egg sauce from the earlier Salted Egg Crayfish recipe. For that recipe, I used salted egg yolks which were steamed and mashed, along with pumpkin puree, no additional liquid, and too much evaporated milk. The result? Too thick, creamy and buttery, and I couldn’t really taste the salted eggs nor feel its texture.
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Pork Rib Apple Soup

Sept 29- Pork and Apple Soup

Sept 29- Pork and Apple Soup

*Sorry for the lousy picture. It was taken at 8.30 pm, where there’s no sunlight!

Soup has got to one of the most fail-proof dishes. Really, there is only ONE true component to making tasty soup: time.

You can make a really sweet and savoury soup with just a few basic ingredients. If I’m trying to go meatless, the most basic soup would be ABC soup: corn, carrot, potato and onion. If I really want a rich, full bodied soup, I add pork ribs and honey dates, and boil for at least 2.5 hours over the stove top. You could also cook the soup in your slow cooker for 7 hours.
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Air Fried Tofu Puffs

Mar 14 - Air Fried Tofu Puffs 4

Mar 14 - Air Fried Tofu Puffs

Recently, I’ve been thinking of ways to cook tofu. I’m not exactly a fan of tofu in its purest form – soft and silky with not much of a texture at all. Don’t get me wrong. I do eat steamed tofu or tofu in soup, and absolutely enjoy my agedashi tofu, but if given a choice, I’d much rather eat stuff with contrasting textures than say, chuwanmushi.
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Salted Egg Crayfish

Mar 8 - Salted Egg Crayfish 2

Mar 8 - Salted Egg Crayfish 1

(update 22 March: click here for a better version of salted egg sauce!)

This is my experimental dish! I recently posted a salted egg yolk prawns dish that I cooked for reunion dinner, using Knorr’s salted egg yolk powder. It didn’t wow me although it looked good. I will share that recipe in another post.

Many of you asked me for a salted egg yolk recipe from scratch. Ok! I decided to experiment. I got a 1kg bag of frozen crayfish for $16/pack one Friday night and also bought a can of evaporated milk and a really small pumpkin (129g only! from Cold Storage). I didn’t even know it came in such a small size. You could also use butternut squash. The curry leaves are from my own backyard corridor, and I always have butter in my chiller and chilli padi in my freezer. I was ready to cook my salted egg crayfish!
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