Japan Day 3 – TOKYO: Mt. Fuji (Lake Kawaguchiko), Harajuku and Tonkatsu at Maisen


Mt Fuji2

We decided to do the whole sightseeing thing in Tokyo first and leave shopping, if any, to the last leg of the trip, where we will return to Tokyo for four days. So after Disneyland yesterday, we’re going to see Mt. Fuji today! First-timers to Japan might be confused when researching Mt. Fuji. Why is it that you always read about Fuji Five Lakes when googling Mt. Fuji? In a nutshell, Mt. Fuji is a mountain (duh), so to view the mountain, you need to go to its opposite. You can view Mt. Fuji from Hakone and any of the Fuji Five Lakes. With more tourist attractions and places to eat, Lake Kawaguchiko is the most popular of the five lakes.
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31. August 2015 by Chris-budgetpantry
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Asian Zucchini Chicken Salad – served cold

August 29 - Asian Zucchini Salad lime2

August 29 - Asian Zucchini Salad lime

I have to confess that this was dish was initially a flop! I realised my experimental Stir Fried Zoodles wasn’t going to work, so halfway through cooking, I quickly decided to transform it into a cold zucchini salad served with a squeeze of lime. Worked beautifully!

My intention was to replace egg noodles with zucchini ribbons since I’m trying to be as low carb as possible. It seemed like a great idea, but as I added more and more ingredients in the wok (chicken, bean sprouts, carrots, bell peppers, onions) and as the zucchini started to give out water, I figured stir fried soggy zoodles doesn’t seem that sexy after all.
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Japan Day 2 – TOKYO: Standing Sushi Bar, Tokyo Disneyland and Fu-unji Tsukemen

standing sushi bar

standing sushi bar

Ok you need to read this post because Jason and I voted today’s lunch and dinner as the best meals we’ve had in Japan, and we’ve eaten at A LOT of places throughout the trip. He ranks lunch at Uogashi Nihinichi Standing Sushi Bar as his #1 and dinner at Fu-unji as #2 but it’s the opposite for me. Still, quite something!

This is our itinerary for our second day: Stop by Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal to pick up our Mt. Fuji and Takayama bus tickets > lunch at Uogashi Nihinichi Standing Sushi Bar > Disneyland > dinner at Fu-unji. If you wish to know how to buy and pick up bus tickets to Mt. Fuji, look out for my next post.
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