Emicakes x budgetpantry: Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Best Mum2

Since my kitchen bo bian have to close right now (ok I tried to cook pasta on Friday and it hurt like mad), what better things to do than hold a giveaway?

This Mother’s Day, Emicakes is giving away THREE beautiful “BEST MUM” Ombre Pink cakes to budgetpantry’s readers!
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19. April 2015 by Chrissy@budgetpantry.com
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Steamed Chinese Wine Chicken with Wolfberries

Apr 11 - Steamed Wine Chicken with Wolfberries

I’ve been wanting to make this dish for the longest time, ever since I re-introduced the Chinese wok back into my kitchen.

My wok has always been put away because it takes up so much space in my tiny stove top, but a couple of months back, I decided enough was enough. I cannot tahan vegetables cooked in the frying pan anymore! I love stir frying vegetables using the wok. The heat is distributed evenly and I can toss to my heart’s content. The vegetables never turn out soggy and is always crunchy and beautiful.
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11. April 2015 by Chrissy@budgetpantry.com
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Laksa Fried Rice

laksa fried rice

Today, I’ve decided to blog about a simple dish today: Laksa Fried Rice.

Of course, this dish is only simple if you use instant laksa mix. I’ve loved Prima Taste’s Laksa Fried Rice paste since I started cooking (and that’s more than ten years ago!), and as a poor university student then, all I could afford to contribute at reunion dinners was fried rice. I guess the “budgetness” in me started way back.
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29. March 2015 by Chrissy@budgetpantry.com
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Food review: Monochrome Fusion Bistro

Monochrome Bistro - Squid Ink Risotto image1

Monochrome Bistro - Squid Ink Risotto
Invited review
Monochrome Bistro is a new café located in Chinatown, just a couple of shop houses from the popular Tong Heng. It is a black and white themed restaurant and many of its signature items have black and white influences, like the Squid Ink Risotto, B&W Meatballs and Black Velvet Cake. Continue Reading →

28. March 2015 by Chrissy@budgetpantry.com
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